Valentine’s Kick-Off

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday and not because it is commercialized to pieces like a lot of other holiday’s, but because valentine’s day has always meant something beyond celebrating it with one other person. It has always been a family tradition and I’d have to write a novel to explain it all, but it involves imagination, creativity, sets, costumes, music, art, theatre, film, chocolate,  hearts, adventure, surprises, and a dash of craziness!

My dad started the tradition with my mom when they started dating as teenagers. Now that I’m grown-up and married, I’m carrying the traditionon on. I have a special surprise, which my husband, Chris, doesn’t know about and I’m not giving any hints.

I would also like to extend my valentine wishes even further with a new blog every day until Valentine’s Day with images of art, Val’en’phylosophy, and spice.

Hearts and Kisses!

~ Jenny



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One Response to Valentine’s Kick-Off

  1. Hii.. Happy Valentine Day 🙂

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