An Artist’s Approach to Russian Tea Cakes


Aside from painting, drawing, photography and  film, I love cooking and baking! – as I feel that it is an art form of it’s own and one you can eat. 

I have a Russian background and have always been interested in things that are Russian. Now Russian Tea Cakes are also known as Mexican Wedding Balls. I don’t know which name came first or how authentically Russian Russian Tea cakes really are.  They could be as Russian as Fries are French. Aside from that, I love them and they are one of my favorite things to make. It’s quick and easy and after many years of making them I’ve committed the recipe to memory.

As an artist, and not a real professional baker, I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit and made it my own – drifting further and further away from real authenticity.  At the very least they look like their name when they exit the oven.

Jennifer Jigour’s Artistic Russian Tea Cakes

–  lots of butter

– Sugar

–  Almond Flavoring

– A Bit of Vanilla Extract

– Tad of Salt

– Some flour

– Powdered Sugar

Mix them together, chill it a bit, and then stick them in the oven. Remember to take them out.

Sorry for the vague instructions, but this really is the artist’s approach to baking. Plus, I love a bit of mystery so I’m not going to give everything away.

Bon Appetit!

~ Jenny


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