Coit Tower Paintings

As part of my research for my Graphic Novel I’ve  done some extensive field research visiting various sites in San Francisco.  I set off on my journey early yesterday morning with my notepad and camera and walked from my loft in South Beach all the way up to Telegraph Hill. Below are the the beautiful paintings in Coit Towers. Coit Tower was built in 1933 by Arther Brown Jr. and Henry Howard. The Murals were painted by 26 different artist during the 30s as part of the  “Public Works of Art Project,” the first of the New Deal federal employment programs for artists. It’s hard enough to be an artist when times are good, but during the depression in the 1930s it  must have been ever harder. Its good to know that the government included them in the New Deal. If times are ever as hard as they were back then I would hope that the government includes them in whatever recovery plan they create. Artist need to eat, too! It may not be brain surgery that we work on, but our work helps us keep  to in touch with our past and gives us something to admire and look up to through those hard times. The murals in Coit Tower remind me of the significance and important of art and artist in our world and I’m proud to be a member.










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