Photography – Chinatown, San Francisco


I adore this photograph. Not just because it’s taken by the fabulous Chris Tann, but it has an old world feel to it. I love taking photographs all the time, but usually I’m taking pictures of other people or places and it’s nice to know that on this particular day the photographer was there, too. Below are a few photographs from a larger series I took of Chinatown in San Francisco yesterday. Whether you live in San Francisco, the Bay Area, or are just visiting make sure you go to Chinatown. It’s a must for anyone who loves Chinese culture, food, architecture, and photography. If you are an early bird like me I also suggest you wake up at day break (sometime between 6:30-7:30 AM depending on the time of year) and take a walk through Chinatown before all the tourist come out. It’s quiet, mysterious, and the lighting is perfect for beautiful photographs.


~ Jenny





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One Response to Photography – Chinatown, San Francisco

  1. myphotoscout says:

    Wonderful. I have yet to walk the colorful streets at night. I have taken daytime photographs, but I always wanted to go at night, now even more.

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