Artwork for $3.99

I met my sister, Julie, for coffee today at Moonbeam’s so I could show her my artwork and chat about life. After she left I decided to stay behind and work on some of my drawings for my graphic novel. I couldn’t help but observe a few teenagers/young adults view my work on the walls. They seemed to like it, but left the café with the statement, “Can I get the $3.99 discount?”

It’s tough to be an artist and I believe most artists can agree that it’s a challenge sometimes to put your artwork on the walls, because in a way you are exposing a part of yourself. Even more challenging is putting a price to that art. It is a revelation when you discover that you are, “As an artist,” worthy of that price. I thought long and hard about how each piece was worth to me. It is a combined number that includes the prices of materials, the size, the time it took for me to complete the image, my experience, and how much each individual piece means to me. I stand behind the prices I chose because I know how much went into them.

At the same time I know that artwork is not a necessity (to everyone) and some may not be able to afford the work I display – I do understand. I do also feel that art should be more accessible to people who would otherwise not buy art because of the cost. The beauty in art for me is its therapeutic quality when I create it. This quality can also be reached by the viewer, which is why I’d like to extend the accessibility of art to more people by proposing “Artwork for $3.99.”

From now and until the end of March I will be periodically drawing at Moonbeam’s Coffee. If you see a little women, mid-20s, with a sketchpad, pencil, and glasses and you would like to purchase an original drawing for $3.99 please feel free to come up to me and ask – if you like it, it’s yours. Furthermore, if you would just like to chat about the arts (music, painting, photography, sculpture, literature, poetry, theatre, film, dance, graphic novels or even philosophy) bring up a chair and be my guest – you are more than welcome.

PEACE & Love,

~ Jenny

 Below are some examples of drawings I have already done at MoonBeam’s.


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