Artwork for Sale on Etsy

 Jennifer Jigour  – “Aesthetic Aphrodisiacs – Tribute to George Barbier and  Art Deco/Nouveau” – Watercolor – 2009 – $250


PEACE and Love,

~ Jenny


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2 Responses to Artwork for Sale on Etsy

  1. David Popham says:

    Hi Ms. Jigour –

    I am seeking permission to use your work “Aesthetic Aphrodisiacs – Tribute to George Badier and Art Deco/Nouveau” in an upcoming post on my blog site: The post schedule to appear on August 9 will explore the issue of peace/wellbeing in the life of queer folks.Your work will appear at the top of the post with citation and url information, plus any other information you would like to accompany it.

    Thank you for considering this request.

    David Popham
    Denver CO USA

  2. jjigour says:

    Thank you so much for asking David! Yes you may use the image. A citation to my blog would be fantastic as I update that more that my website. Let me know if you need anything else. Merci! ~ Jennifer

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