Camping “Firefly” Style in Los Padres National Forest

I can’t believe I never knew about the TV show Firefly until several years after it was off the air. I suppose I can consider that a good thing as I would probably be even more disappointed when the network took the show off the air after one season.  I’m happy that I can enjoy it over and over again on DVD. There is so much about the show that I love from the writing, the actors to the sets, costumes and music! I love that they tried to talk about some controversial issues and discussed the topic of a Companion in a light where someone who becomes a companion has power and is respected in society. Of course, I’m sure some of these issues are what brought a swift end to the show, but I’ll be forever grateful for what we do have of Firefly.

Firefly was my inspiration for the remodeling of the interior of our Caravan. It was my Husband’s birthday this last Monday and as a surprise I turned part of the interior into an Asian/Victorian-Western/Space Opera Room right before we took off on a camping trip to Los Padres National Forest in California. We also took a day trip to the Tassajara Zen Retreat, passed through the US Army Reserve by King City while on our way to Mission San Antonio – thus the photo with the army tank, and along the coast of Big Sur. There is still more work to be done in the rest of the caravan, but the photos below show the work in progress as well as some extra photos from our camping trip.

It was an amazing experience to get away from civilization and commune with Nature and with the inspiration of Firefly at our horizon.

Peace & Love,

~ Jenny

Detail of the ceiling.

The Mission of San Antonio, CA.

Our Caravan and a bit of our Serenity.

Army Tank

Photographs by Jennifer Jigour and Chris Tann. Please ask if you would like to use them. Thank you.


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One Response to Camping “Firefly” Style in Los Padres National Forest

  1. Chris Tann says:

    Gosh, what a fantastic trip!

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