My 18th Century Ball Gown for Le grand bal masqué de Versailles

Besides Painting, Photography, and film, I’m also into costume design and costume construction. I designed my own wedding dress, which was inspired a bit from the Movie Marie Antoinette, even though technically the structure of the dress was more 1880s with the bustle in the back instead of the sides. Below is a photo of me in that dress.

Below are alterations/additions that i’ve done to the wedding dress in order to wear it again at  Le grand bal masqué de Versailles in France at the end of this month. I believe it’s a shame to wear such a beautiful dress only once, which is why I went to great lengths to reuse it again. The additions I did are not actually attached to the original dress so as to preserve the original design. I’ve added an 18th century panier skirt under the dress, a second over skirt, and a coat. Oh, and I also made the mask which is on a stick in a tall vase.

I can’t wait for the ball!

You can check out the event  here:

Au Revoir ~ Jenniy


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2 Responses to My 18th Century Ball Gown for Le grand bal masqué de Versailles

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  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous and fabulous! I wish I were going!

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