Photography of Carcassonne Castle – France

















If you are visiting the South of France and love Castles you must go and see Carcassonne! The best time to take photos there is sometime between 6:30AM and 8:30PM so you can beat the crowds. It is such a lovely place, especially when you can walk the streets on your own and be transported to a different time. Sunset also gives you good lighting, but there will be more people around.

All photos are original. If you would like to use them please ask. Thank you!

Peace & love,

~ Jenny


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2 Responses to Photography of Carcassonne Castle – France

  1. Your use of light it fantastic. It is especially awe-inspiring in the church (?) pictures. I love the cat that managed to sneak into several of these 🙂

  2. jjigour says:

    Thank You!

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