le grand bal masqué de versailles

Here is the follow-up on my previous blog:


Le grand bal masque was tres fantastique! However, as a photographer and someone who wanted to just have fun at the bal, I had to make a compromise and leave my big Cannon camera behind and settle with a small snap shot camera. I so wanted to take more high quality photos of all the fantastic costumes, but dancing from midnight to 7AM in the morning is no fun with a big camera strapped to my back. In the end the small camera fit inside my mask, so I could drink, dance, and keep track of my camera.

Peace & Love,

~ Jenny


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3 Responses to le grand bal masqué de versailles

  1. Brenda says:

    This would be so much fun! How far in advance are the dates released and ticket sales? I would love to attend next year.

  2. jjigour says:

    I’m not sure how far in advance the tickets come out. I was able to buy tickets about 3 months in advance via a friend of mine who lives in Paris. If you check the Palace of Versailles main website every now and then they are sure to update you with information about tickets as soon as they know about it. The event happens at the end of June so at least you know to expect to get tickets sometime in the spring of 2013. Hope you have fun if you go. It’s fantastic!!!!

  3. JEALOUS! Must find a way to get there! You look smashing btw…

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