Photography – Justice For Gwen Araujo!

Photography - Justice For Gwen Araujo!

For Transgender Day of Remembrance here is a photograph I took in San Francisco in 2004.


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2 Responses to Photography – Justice For Gwen Araujo!

  1. Jan Stafford says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I read about Queer Girl Theater Project in an old issue of Curve, and that’s what led me to you. I’m getting in contact with women who’ve worked in lesbian theater in the San Francisco area, because I’m searching for actors, director, choreographer, designers, etc., for a full-length lesbian musical that’s premiering in Nov., 2013 at Thick House in San Francisco. Would you like to chat with me about whether you and your colleagues would like to join the fun?

    You can reach me at or 510-504-6877.


  2. jjigour says:

    Hello Jan, I’m sorry I haven’t gotten the chance to respond. You reached me during a really, really busy week. I will email you when I have some time, but I just wanted to let you know that I got your message. It sounds awesome. Best wishes to you. I’ll be in touch! Cheers ~ Jenny

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