SECRET AGENT MOSCOW – All Good Things Come In Time

SECRET AGENT MOSCOW - All Good Things Come In Time

Добрый день!

Time is a theme that runs through out Secret Agent Moscow.

In time you will be hearing more about the developments of the book.

All good things will come in time and so will the publication.

In the meantime, while we wait, I’d like to have some fun and I hope you will join in.

I’ll be posting about the progress on the project (including research, the development of the artwork, etc) and give out little clues to the book. Stay tuned!!! Put you secret agent shades on and have some fun.

Peace & Love,
~ Jennifer

Image: The image posted will not appear in the book. However, it is an image I created as a study for Secret Agent Moscow. It did make a brief cameo in a short film I made of Part 2 of the story, called, “The Dream,” which premiered at the SF Fringe Festival in 2009.


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