Acrylic & Oil Painting – Fairy Tales and Marriage Equality


Rapunzel & Snow White Fight for Marriage Equality (2008) Acrylic on Canvas

I’ve posted these paintings before in a previous blog, but due to today’s wonderful news I felt compelled to post them again. I’ve always loved Fairy tales, but growing up as a kind and teenager I never felt as if I could relate to the stories from Disney films. Mind you, I love Disneyland, but I just never felt like I could relate to the stories they told. It is my desire to fill in the void with alternate stories and new stories that give fantasy and adventure to the queer community. The painting just below is called, Snow White’s proposal to Rapunzel. I painted it just after Gavin Newsom allowed same sex couples to get married in San Francisco. I was living in a loft in San Francisco at the time and the atmosphere was just amazing to be around and create art.

The first painting you see is, Rapunzel and Snow White Fight for Marriage Equality, was painted just after Prop 8 passed in California. It was like being kicked in the stomach after hearing it passed. That is how is feels when you are given a right and then it’s taken away from you. In the painting, Rapunzel and Snow White are left out n the cold world. Despite being beaten, they continue to fight along with the equality bunnies who are in blue because they represent the color of the marriage equality flag back then. I do like the evolution of the colors from blue and yellow to red and pink. I think red and pink carries a more powerful statement. Rapunzel is punching through the stained glass window to show how much she is hurt. She will do anything to get the rights the queer community (or queer fairy tale community deserves). Rapunzel and Snow White are not the dossal fairy tales characters that they once were, they are tough, and they are willing to fight for what is right.

Today, I feel like Rapunzel and Snow White have really broken through that window and are on the other side. They can now proceed with their wedding arrangements.

?????????????????????????????????Snow White’s Proposal to Rapunzel (2008) Acrylic on Canvas

Below is a more resent painting, which I’ve also posted before in a blog, but relates to the previous paintings I’ve just discussed. This painting is of Veronika and Michelle’s Wedding. They are a real life fairy tale. Their wedding was like watching a Disney movie unfold. Veronika and Michelle are good friends of mine. Veronika is an actress in Hollywood and Michelle is a screenplay writer. Both are a couple to look out for, not just for the talented and beautiful duo that they are, but because they are today’s modern fairy tale. I painted the painting for them as a wedding gift.  I know that they are feeling a lot of joy today and I hope you are, too.

Peace & Love,

~ Jennifer Jigour


05_Painting_Oil_Veronika_Michelles_Wedding_2012_Jennifer_JigourVeronika and Michelle’s Wedding (2012) Oil on Canvas

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