Photography – Hike Near New Almaden


Strange weather is everywhere around the world. In California, our unusually dry season means less pretty wild flowers. Okay, California is not that soft. We’ve also had many unfortunate wild fires early in the season. On a normal hike in New Almaden the grassy hills may be a bit greener than they are this year and California Poppies would have been more abundant. Here are some photographs from a relatively new trail. It’s so new that you can only hike it with a docent. They are expected to open it up to the public sometime in the near future. The wild cows on the trail made up for the lack of California Poppies to photography.

Peace & Love,

~ Jennifer Jigour


IMG_6252 IMG_6260 IMG_6262 IMG_6266 IMG_6270

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Peace & Love,

~ Jennifer Jigour


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