Black & White Photography – Victoria


This is one of the first portrait style photographs I ever took and it’s one of my favorites. It’s of my little sister, whose name is not Victoria, but Julie. Julie sometimes feels embarrassed by the photo, although I don’t understand why. I always thought very fondly of it. I think she is beautiful. I knew I wanted to re-create a Victorian portrait and I was able to capture what I wanted just by using my intuition. I was fourteen when I took the picture and my sister must have been about ten or eleven. I set up a make-up station and turned her into my model. I was really into the make-up work of Kevyn Aucoin, so I used his books as a reference. I had this fancy abalone shell necklace that my grandmother gave me, which I gave to my sister to wear in the photograph. My sister is actually wearing a Japanese Kimono. Over the Kimono I used a long crushed velvet green dress to drape over Julie’s shoulders. We took the photograph at about sunset in our backyard and up against a lacework fence. There was still a slight glimmer of sun that gave that perfect warm glow. That was the first portrait photograph I ever took and it taught me the importance of lighting in future photographs. What they say about light in photography is true, sunset and sunrise are the best times to shoot photographs outside.

Today is my sisters birthday, which is why I’ve chosen to talk about this specific photograph. My sister is an artist of her own. She has been just accepted to Carnegie Mellon for grad-school in playwriting. She’ll be off in the next month making her own creative dreams come true. This post is dedicated to my beautiful and talented sister, Julie. Regardless of how she felt of this photograph, I still think that she is just as beautiful now as she was then. Best wishes to you on your new path.

Peace & Love,

~ Jennifer Jigour

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