Graphic Novel – Secret Agent Moscow & SF Pride 2013


Last weekend was Pride in San Francisco. Here are some photos that I took at the big Parade.

In addition to supporting my fellow queer community including  my two happily married friends, Amber & Marlys ( who were in the parade), and just enjoying the whole gay atmosphere, I was also on a mission.  Practically all of last  Saturday was spent creating these mini promotional flyer to help advertise the kickstarter campaign for Secret Agent Moscow before the campaign actually starts. I wanted to get a heads up on what I was getting myself into by practicing different marketing strategies. I’m an artist not an advertiser. This whole advertising thing is new to me and it feels a little funny, but I do believe that if I want to be a successful artist I also have to exercise my ability to sell myself and my work. Besides close friends and family and snippets here and there online, this last Pride Sunday was the first time I’ve put both myself and my book out there for the public to see. What could be more fitting for the coming out announcement for my graphic novel then at SF Pride?

photo (12)

Pride is always fun to see; however my Pride Weekend was a full-time job. I worked hard. For anyone who is interested in knowing exactly how much time was involved with the preparation and process of creating and handing out flyers for a kickstarter campaign, here is the breakdown.


9:00AM-1:30PM – Developing and editing the images and final layout in Photoshop

1:30PM-3:30PM – Transportation to and from Kinko’s to get the flyers printed  (note: after thisexperience I found a cheaper place online, for anyone who is interested)

3:30-6:00 PM – Trimming and folding the four-sided flyers into the final look

6:00-8:30 PM – Numbering, dating, and signing 100 flyers

Total hours: 11h 30min


9:00 AM-10:30 – Drive to SF. Parked near the ballpark and walked to Market street (in high heels)

10:30-1:00 – Watched the parade. Took artistic photographs.

1:00-5:00 – Handed out exactly 100 fliers by walking up to people, sitting next to them on the grass,  introducing myself, shaking each individual’s hand, presenting my short introduction of my book, and my kickstarter campaign, and then wish them a Happy Pride.

5:00-8:00 – Walked back to my car (still, in high heels) from City Hall to the Safeway parking garage by the ballpark and then drove home.

Total hours: 11 hours

Total Working Hours During a Weekend: 22 h 30min

And Kickstarter hasn’t even started for me yet!!!! Alright! I’m going to be having fun this next month. 🙂


Despite the long hours and the exhaustion from heat and high heels, I do believe that it was worth it. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed meeting the people I met. Some of them were patient enough to hold a much more in depth conversation than I anticipated and I think I really needed to be exposed to that. It’s so easy for an artist or an author to get lost in their work and in their own environment, but once you step out the door and start talking to people you’ve never met about your creative work, the art feels more alive. It’s actually becoming something more than a tightly held secret behind my creative closet door.

By walking out the door and reaching out to people the world becomes richer.


I would like to thank each and everyone I met that day. Thank you for allowing me to sit next to you for a few moments and  shake your hand. Thank you for patiently listening to what this perfect stranger has to say. If you happen to follow the websites on the flyer I gave you, I hope that one day you’ll stubble onto this blog. There were 100 of you, unfortunately I’m not that good at remembering 100 names. I do remember a few. There was a Masha, you had parents from Russia I believe. There were multiple girls by the name of Sarah and Amanda. The gay Irish couple, you guys were so cool to me. I wish you the best of luck in bringing gay rights to Ireland. Forgive me for not remembering both of your name, but to the couple who suggested I get Pussy Riot to do a soundtrack for the graphic novel, that’s an awesome idea! I’ll totally look into it.  Thank you to Sarafina Herself, a model coordinator at the Academy of Art University. To Suzanne Sherman, thank you for your telling me about your experience with kickstarter, giving me advice, and sheltering me from the sun with an umbrella. Suzanne is also an author. If you get the chance you should check out her work here:


It was important for me to set out with my graphic novel and take it to the pride parade, not just for advertising purposes, but  because it is the perfect clash of time (past and present) and queer culture. Secret Agent Moscow, is set in the past (1949 San Francisco). Can you imagine what it must have been like for LGBTQI in San francisco back then? I’ve spent five years immersing myself in just that question. To walk out onto Market Street in San Francisco, holding the little flyer as seen in the photo above it is a moving experience to really understand just how far we’ve come. If San Francisco can do it, Russia, so can you.


Aside from my little countdowns that I’ll be posting up until the day of Kickstarter, I’ll be taking the weekend off from bloging. I need some time to get some sleep and some Zen before the launch begins. Have a wonderful week and see you again next Monday the 8th of July 2013.

Peace & Love,

~ Jennifer Jigour (Jenny) XOX







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