Secret Agent Moscow – Moscow, Russia


Cубботa 13-oe Июль 2013

Saturday July 13th 2013

День 6 – Day 6

After I took the black and white photographs of the original Secret Agent Moscow idea, the story stayed silent for a couple of years. I didn’t officially touch it again until after I took a trip to Russia. I had always wanted to go to Russia since I was a little girl. I sort of had a fairy tale perception of what it would be like there. I knew some Russian history already, but I paid most attention to the beautiful, pleasant, and artistic parts of it. I found that a lot of people, unaccustomed to Russian culture or history, hold the opposite perception. I suppose I was just looking for what I wanted to see. I wasn’t born in Russia. I am American, but because I have a Russian background I’ve always felt like I had a special connection with the country, it’s culture and it’s history. It is as if a little piece of it was passed down inside me from my great-grandmother. She fled the country just before the Russian Revolution. When I looked out the window of the airplane and saw Moscow for the first time, I felt like I was taking that little piece back to where it came from. During that trip I spent time in Moscow, the countryside just outside of Tver at a little datcha, and St. Petersburg and took thousands of photos. A lot of these photos I used as inspiration and locations in the graphic novel.

Любовь/Love ~ Jenny

You can buy the graphic novel, Secret Agent Moscow  here:!store/cdod

* Secret Agent Moscow is being sold on Kickstarter. Kickstarter is an all or nothing camapigning site. If the book is not fully funded by August 7th 2013 there will be no sale of books. Please help me make this book take off. Tell a friends and spead the word of Secret Agent Moscow. Thank you, Jennifer Jigour


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