Secret Agent Moscow & Fiji


понедельник – 15-oe Июль 2013

Monday July 15th 2013

День 8 – Day 8

The next stop on the “Secret Agent Moscow” timeline is Fiji. It was in 2007 on the little island of Vatulele. Fiji is not featured in the graphic novel at the moment, but there is a possibility that it may appear sometime in the future in a sequel. What is important about Fiji is that it was where I started to do research on the book. In paradise I read, “Cracks in the Iron Closet: Travels in Gay & Lesbian Russia,” by David Tuller. The book is part autobiographical, part travel guide, and part history lesson on queer history in Russia. The book was written just after the fall of the U.S.S.R., so the memoir is practically history as well. As I was reading on the beach, watching the washes crash in front of me, I remember feeling that the LGBT in Russian were going to be okay. They have a ways to go until they are as free and open as the Castro district in San Francisco, CA, but after reading the book, I was left with the feeling of hopefulness. Russia had freed herself from decades of soviet repression. How could they could go backwards? I’m very sad to say that I was wrong. They have gone backwards, which makes “Secret Agent Moscow” even more important. I decided that I wanted to write about not just America’s queer past, but Russia’s as well. I felt that it is important for to remember those who paved the path to a brighter future for the repressed. I thought that I was giving a voice to Russian queer yesterday. I didn’t realize that it would be relevant for queer people in Russia today. “Secret Agent Moscow” is more than a fun adventurous secret agent story. There is depth and there is meaning and my hope is that I’ll be able to reach out to someone with it. Despite the climate today, I still believe that there is hope. That beautiful sunset you see in the photograph was just the beginning of a cyclone coming towards the island. Everyone took cover and prepared for the worst. In the end, we were hardly touched. We survived and so will the LGBT in Russia. Любовь/Love ~ Jenny

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