Secret Agent Moscow – “The Underground” 11″x14″ Print



 Level Description 

For those of you who are unsure if you would back the $200 level. Here is what the 11″x14″ limited edition, signed, watercolor print from the graphic novel looks like. The final print will not be covered up by the “Secret Agent Moscow” stamp at the bottom. This level also includes the 20″x30″ signed and numbered poster of the book cover, Signed 8×10 Print of Jia-Li and Lailoni, The Secret Agent Membership, name in the book, a phone call, the signed graphic novel, the five postcards and both of the wallpaper images.

If you have already backed the project, thank you very much. Please pass the word along so the project can be funded by August 7th 2013 and you can get all the wonderful rewards.

 Спасибо!/Thank You! 

~ Jennifer Jigour


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