After Australia, I lived in San Francisco for a year. There, I met an amazing group of visual and performing artist through QGTP (Queer Girl Theatre Project). My life was partly consumed by working with QGTP on performance art. film, mosaics, etc. The other half was trying to figure out what Secret Agent Moscow was going to be about, what the locations were going to look like, and developing each character’s personality. I created my own walking tour through SF, taking photographs every step of the way. This tour is the same tour the main character, Natasha, takes in the begining of the book. Natasha walks from her place of work at the Old Mint near Market street, through Chinatown, and up to North Beach where Mona’s 440 used to be. Mona’s 440 was the Lesbian hangout in San Francisco in the 1940s. When Secret Agent Moscow is finally published, you will recognize some of the places in the illustration from the photographs here. My time in SF was an amazing and very inspirational and I am happy to share these images with you for the first time. 


So, Natasha does not work at this location. However, I loved the look so much that I decided to model the interior of Natasha’s work to look similar to that of the BellBuilding instead of the Mint.



Natasha’s place of work is really the combination of the Old Mint and the BellBuilding at 140 New Montgomery Street.


This is the Old Mint. Natasha walks out of this building towards Market Street.


Walking towards Market Street.


This is Market Street. See that big green building? That was the location for another Mystery/Thriller, the film called, The Maltese Falcon, in 1941.


This image is illustrated in the graphic novel.


And so is this one except you will noticed that I do not use “John’s Grill” I make up a different name because John’s Grill is under copyright.


I used this image, too. However it is at night.

IMG_9242 IMG_9246 IMG_9248 IMG_9255 IMG_9270 IMG_9279

The is the site of the old Telegraph Exchange. It is now a Wells Fargo bank.


Looking down a side street as we walk towards Broadway.


Broadway, we are almost there!


We’re here.


This was Mona’s 440. Mona’s 440 used to be the Lesbian hang out in the 1940s.


If you walk back to the street light in the photo that has the Broadway Sign, start to walk up the hill, this is your view looking back. Pretend now that you are watching some being chases up this hill.


Or, maybe it is you who is being chased and you have to run up these steps (in high heels).


Oh, you thought you got to the top of the hill. Nope, keep running.


Now when you get to the top, turn to the right and run up these steps. Oh! I forgot to tell you that it’s night and you really don’t want to caught so pick up the pace.


While you are running up Telegraph Hill you just might get the chance to look up and see this.


As you run closer you will see this.


Run around Coit Tower and….

[Stop! End of story. you’ll just have to wait for the graphic novel to come out.] 🙂

See more photos and take the photo tour here:

Secret Agent Moscow Update

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