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In this gallery you will see views from my living space in SF. These are the views I saw while I read many books that influenced Secret agent Moscow. These are the views I looked up to while illustrating some of the first images. This time is remembered by my experience with QGTP (Queer Girl Theatre Project) and all the wonderful and talented people I met through this artistic community. Some of the films I made through QGTP were influenced by what I was reading for the graphic novel. This time is probably most remembered by Prop 8 and Obama becoming President. These events and the creative projects that I participated in influenced both the writing and illustrations for Secret Agent Moscow. Here I would like to honor the memory of all those people I met and experiences we shared. Thank you to all of you who were part of some of my crazy ideas and gladly entertained my desire to share Russian Culture and Queer History. 



I lived in two different apartments in SF. This was the first one. I lived here for about a month. This view was where I started reading “The Whisperers” by Orlando Figs which is probably one of the most influential books aside from “Cracks in the Iron Closet,” “Wide Open Town,” and “A desired Past.”





First apartment view. It was also here that I first got the email from Erin Maxwell about starting a Queer Girl Theatre Project in SF.

4_IMG_2146This is the second apartment, a loft, that I like to call “The Chocolate Factory.”

5_IMG_2141 6_Untitled-Grayscale-22 Chocolate Factory


This is the Front View of the Chocolate Factory looking straight into my Loft.



The books I read.

8_IMG_2200 9_IMG_2199 10_IMG_2203


This is on top of our loft.

11_loft 10


Loved the lighting of the stairs. Very soviet industrial. 

13_IMG_0996 14_IMG_0997


Inspirational images adorn the drawing table to help me start illustrating. 



These are lovely members of QGTP (Queer Girl Theatre Project).



Cheerleading for QGTP



Painting the set for the QGTP short, “Twisted Lipstick.” The image of the Saint Basil Cathedral is the same one I used for the Black and White photography project that inspired Secret Agent Moscow.



Another set for “Twisted Lipsticks.” I painted the painting on the wall. It is called, “Soviet Angels.” This image morphed as time passed, but they are the original study of the ghostly faceless figures that appear in Secret Agent Moscow.



“Soviet Angels” (2008)



Giving notes to Sage who played the Soviet Lesbian Fortune Teller.



 That is my hand in the film still. Yes, let there be peace in for LGBT in Russia.



Talking to my dancers before filming the dance scene in Twisted Lipstick.



Film still of the dance scene in Twisted Lipstick.



This is the same view you saw earlier in the “Chocolate Factory” loft. It is dressed up for the Wedding Scene in Twisted Lipstick.



This is a film still from the Wedding Scene in Twisted Lipstick.



Twisted Lipstick was created out of a response to Sarah Palin’s “Pray the Gay Away” campaign. Twisted Lipstick is like a Twilight Zone. Here Sarah Palin (Melanie Case) is transported to Soviet Russia and is told by a Fortune Teller that she is a Lesbian.



Film Still of Sarah Palin (Melanie Case) and Stalin.

25_T6Untitled-2 26_T9Untitled-2 27_IMG_9621 30_IMG_9634 31_T1Untitled-2


32_IMG_9657 33_IMG_9598 34_T3Untitled-2


Twisted Lipstick was written, filmed and edited in a week. A week from Election Day the film was premiered at the Garage Theatre in SF. Time passed. Election day came. Obama became president and Prop 8 won.



Prop 8 won and QGTP was pissed. So, we did something about it. We came together and started filming the documentary “Love is Free.” A passionate conversation about the aftermath of  Prop 8.



We filmed many people in the Bay Area.







We premiered “Love is Free.” Then we kept on filming. We created a film/performance piece called, “RememberMe.” QGTP interviewed people within the SF community about their life stories on being queer.





Cast of “Remember Me.”



“Remember Me”



A year passed and QGTP held their 1 year Anniversary at Femina Potens. I did a performance/film piece on Secret Agent Moscow. Here I am dress as the main character, Natasha. This was the first time I shared the development of the graphic novel in public.

38_Untitled-2 39_Untitled-5 40_Untitled-6 41_Untitled-7


42_Untitled-3 43_Untitled-4


This is Erin Maxwell and I Co-Founders of QGTP.



One of the last dinners in SF before moving back to San Jose, CA. Here I am looking out of a window to Chinatown.



Diving away in my Mini, her name is Lola (after the character, Lola in the film “Run Lola Run”).  The FerryBuilding is seen in the reflection.

 Спасибо!/Thank you! ~ Jennifer Jigour


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