Secret Agent Moscow – It’s the Author’s/Illustrator’s Birthday

Secret Agent Moscow Birthday

Well, technically my Birthday was this last Friday on November 8th. Technically, the books were suppose to arrive by that date too. I was planning on a big Birthday/arrival of the books update for all of you, but as it turned out fate had something else up it’s sleeve.

Instead of the books arriving in San Jose by November 7th as FedEx had originally estimated, the books decided to go on a little road trip and see the world. Yes, it turns out that my graphic novel has a personality of it’s own. I guess that is what I get for writing a story about secret agents who go on an adventure. To all of you who ordered a book in advance, your book has already gone on an adventure and it isn’t over yet.

Instead of arriving in San Jose last Thursday from China, they decided to take a detour to Japan. I’ve never been to Japan and would love to see it one day, but I’m glad my book had a chance to go before I did. After Japan, Friday’s destination was Alaska. I’ve also never been to Alaska. I can’t believe my books are seeing things I have yet to see. I guess Alaska was a bit chilly for them because they darted straight over to Memphis on Saturday. Maybe they wanted to get a glimpse of the King reincarnated. As of this morning they are still in Memphis. They must be enjoying themselves. When and where they will go next I haven’t a clue. My hope is that they will finally get tired of traveling and arrive on my door step something at the beginning of this week.

I will let you know the first moment that they do. So, sorry for the little delay, but for those of you who are expecting a book you can rest assure that yours has already had an exciting life and seen the world.

Happy Month of November and Have a great week!!!

~ Jennifer


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