Secret Agent Moscow – They’re here…

photo (79)


…mostly! Sorry for bombarding you with yet another update right after the last one, but I promised that I would let you all know the first moment the books come in. They are here!

Yesterday I receive three boxes of books which include about 30 books total out of the 100. I should be receiving the rest sometime this week. At least 30 is a good start. it looks like Memphis is the place to be because the rest are still kick’n it there. I’m so happy and grateful for the ones that did arrive. They look awesome!!!

Peace & Love,


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One Response to Secret Agent Moscow – They’re here…

  1. jjigour says:

    As of 4:40 PM Californian time all the boxes of books came in. The saga of the traveling graphic novel is done. They are all here!!!!!!

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