Happy New Year!!!

G’day From Australia!!!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Almost New Year!!!

This last year has been amazing. It was my New Years goal last year to finish my graphic novel, Secret Agent Moscow, get it funded through kickstarter, printed, shipped and in peoples hands by this New Year. All of the above I was able to accomplish and I have many people to thank for helping get where I am today. Special thanks to all my friends and family for being there for me this past year. Thank you also to all the new people I have met who also helped kickstart the book.

As I mentioned in a previous post, you can find the book at the San Francisco comic book store called Amazing Fantasy. Another store at 205 Jackson Street in Japan Town in down town San Jose, CA called Petite Galleria is also selling the book.

I just received the next shipment of the graphic novel. News on more stores selling Secret Agent Moscow and the Amazon.com release will come after I get back from Australia in 2014.

While I am in Australia I am starting work on book two of Secret Agent Moscow!! More news on that to come, too. My new New Years goal is to finish illustrating 100 pages of the next book by New Years 2015. Book Two is scheduled to come out in September of 2016.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year!!!! here is to another fantastic year to come in 2014!!

Peace & Love,



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