Cuba – November 2014

Chris and I participated in a people to people cultural exchange in Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, Cuba. Within the following days I’ll be slowly posting the photos of this great adventure which will be highly influential in book two of Secret Agent Moscow.


From San Jose to Miami researching Cuban history with a Martini.


The only view I had of the port of Mariel. I didn’t get the chance to visit it, but it is very important to general Cuban History as well as Cuban LGBT History. Some of you may recall the mass exodus of Cubans in 1980. According to the book I read prior to arriving in Cuba called “The Sexual Revolution of Cuba,” against some popular assumptions, not everyone wanted to leave Cuba in 1980. The Cuban government saw Mariel as an opportunity to rid the country of many undesirables, including gays and lesbians. Many of them really didn’t want to go.

Airport Arrival to Cuba2

Arriving in Havana.

More photos to come….

Peace & Love,



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