Cuba Travel Photos #6 – People to People Interactions with Everyday Cubans


Just outside of a Polyclinic in Havana.

IMG_9759Inside the Polyclinic


Our trip to Cuba was not a typical vacation. Americans are only allowed to go to Cuba for special reasons such as having family in Cuba, if your are a journalist, or if you go through special outlets that provide people to people interactions with everyday Cubans. Here we visited a Polyclinic where we got to meet with the doctors and discuss Cuban Health care with professionals.


They let us observe their practice.


…very closely. Here a man is getting his teeth checked.





Here we are talking about Cuban Healthcare.



Here is a typical Cuban Market.


On this day our task was to experience what it is like to shop for a family of five on a Cuban salary. Here you see a Cuban ration card.


The monthly Cuban wage is 400 pesos.

We were given 50 pesos to shop for one meal for a Cuban family.

We paid more than 20 times the amount for rice then a the average Cuban family is allowed.

Until next time, Peace & Love, Jennifer


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