Happy New Year!!! – From an Author/Artist with a Master Plan


Looking back on 2014 seems like a dream, kind of like this dreamy photo taken in Havana.


It began in Hong Kong in January.


And ended in another surprise journey to Cuba at the end of November. I took my graphic novel, research and imagination along every step of the way.


In the spring I adopted the cutest little puppy every, Polly, who I love with all my heart.


She has been with me along the creative process, too.


I started work on illustrating book two of Secret Agent Moscow with imagery from book one on the walls to cheer me on. If I can do it once, I know I can do it again.


And I started on a whole new body of oil paintings which will be finished this year.


Most of all, looking back at 2014, I feel so incredibly grateful to have the love and support of those I care for.

I learned a lot from 2014 and my wish for 2015 is to put what I’ve learned about self-publishing and being a full time artist into practice.


I thought long and hard these past few months leading into the new year about what I need to do to do my work with complete focus while still maintaining a connection with an online community.

I came up with a solution, which I’m very excited about. I know that I need to stay away from the computer (specifically Facebook) as much as I can for the first few months of this year to get work done. In the mean time, I’ve set up my blog to consistently post content that is relevant to my work and has public appeal. This will allow me to have the freedom to focus on creating art.

So, I have prepared in advance imagery from my time in Cuba. Starting this Wednesday January 7th, blogs will appear every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the beginning of March. By then I hope to have caught up a bit on my work. By that time I’ll be on my way to revealing the other half of my master author/artist plan.

I plan to be productive these next two months and in my absence I hope you’ll enjoy the blogs I’ve prepared.

Happy New Year!!! Best of Love and Luck in 2015!!

Until next time, Peace, Love and Creativity, Jennifer

Author/Artist Website

Secret Agent Moscow – The Graphic Novel

PS: I will still be reachable via email jenny@jenniferjigour.com – just not on Facebook.


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One Response to Happy New Year!!! – From an Author/Artist with a Master Plan

  1. Chris Tann says:

    Wonderful photos, and good luck with your master plan!

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