Cuban Travel Photos #25 – Art in Trinidad – Wood Carvings


Meet an amazing wood carving artist from Trinidad, Cuba. Here he is showing me the process of how he attempts the carving. He starts with a drawn outline.


He takes pictures of everyday Cubans in Trinidad and carves the image into recycled wooden doors to make a three-dimensional image. His subjects are mostly the elderly and people who slip easily into the shadows. They are people that are not often seen by tourist. This artist wishes to bring these people to light.


He also does some wooden sculptures. Here are some on the wall of his studio.


This is more of his studio. He and his wife treated us to a wonderful cocktail of Rum and Tonic. His son is seen here sitting down at the corner of the image. Notice the steps lead you to the outside. When asked what he does when it rains, he said that he just lets it rain and doesn’t mind that it rains in his studio.


More of his studio.



I was delighted to find an old Samovar under the steps. It looks much like the one my Dad inherited.

All photographs are by Jennifer Jigour and taken in Trinidad, Cuba during Thanksgiving week 2014.

More Cuban photos to come.

Until next time, Peace, Love & Creativity, Jennifer

Author/Artist Website

Secret Agent Moscow – The Graphic Novel


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