Cuba Travel Photos #30 – Cienfuegos at Night


These are not the most dazzling collection of photos from our Cuba tour. However, the lack of imagery is important to note. I’m glad that I didn’t push myself to take another hundred photos in Cienfuegos. With the lack of photos on this night, I remember more about how I felt verses what I saw. Its easy to edit the photos and just remember all the great wonderful moments. What’s not pictured very clearly in this post is how cold it was in Cienfuegos that night. To the locals it was unusually cold and I was just thanking my lucky stars that I brought along one outfit fit for cold weather. I was freezing in the photo below, although my interpretation of freezing is probably exaggerated considering I’m a Californian girl.


You may also notice the rock’n crowd of people behind me..hehe.  Yes, we just assumed that every night joint in Cienfuegos was going to be very busy. The cold kept most of the locals away. If you are going to plan a trip to Cuba do plan on a variety of clothing. You’ll never know what the weather will spring on you. Aside from the cold I was also feeling ill and it was probably that feeling combined with the cold that kept me from wanting to take more photos.


The place we went to above was the Yacht Club. Its a beautiful place and was probably even more so before the revolution.


When we got back from the club we met up with some of our fellow tour mates. Some of us were asked to be part of the band playing at our hotel.

There are a few things I wish I took photos of from Cienfuegos at night. There were some very interesting soviet looking sculptures and fountains for  example. Those will just have to stay a memory. I’m sorry I don’t have photos of them for you.

Sometimes I think that it’s okay to not take photos of everything on trips or life events. I’m always torn between capturing experiences through my camera lens or just feeling the moment and capturing the memory myself. There are other senses besides seeing that I think are missed when you only look through life through a camera, a computer,  or an iPhone. Some memories needs to be felt and stored as your own and no one else’s.

More Cuban photos to come…

All photographs are by Jennifer Jigour and Chris Tann taken in Cuba during Thanksgiving week 2014.

Until next time, Peace, Love & Creativity, Jennifer

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